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Littering is a global challenge. In particular, plastic has become an omnipresent threat, not only to our oceans but to nature in general.. But how much litter is out there in our nature? This question was the driver for developing the GLOBAL 2000 LitterBug App. To answer it we need YOUR help!

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GLOBAL 2000 und der Alpenverein Gebirgsverein / Edelweiss

The LitterBug App by GLOBAL 2000

The LitterBug App is an initiative of the environmental NGO GLOBAL 2000 in cooperation with both the Austrian Alpine Association Edelweiss and Gebirgsverein. Our aim not only to rid nature of pollution but to also ensure that it is kept that way in the long run. We raise awarness and collect data in order to develop long-term solutions for a problem which has no borders.

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The challenge

Every year more than 26 million tons of plastic waste are produced in Europe alone. A substantial proportion of this becomes litter in our forests, our rivers and our oceans. A plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose. This is a threat to nature, animals and humans. Therefore, the reduction of plastic waste concerns us all!

Thank you for your help to rid our environment from litter!

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